Top 5 profitable investing Metaverse coins in the market

Top 5 profitable investing Metaverse coins in the market



Metaverse coins have become very important crypto in the market because each metaverse coin has more than one size and shape. In other words metaverse coins originally come in all sorts of shapes and sizes as in every metaverse from a variety of supplies, markets, prices, units, etc.

All these reasons all investors prefer investing in Metaverse coins as a long-term investment. If you are interested in Crypto Metaverse coins this content will be very useful for you. This is because I will tell you some important information about top Profitable Metaverse crypto coins with the best circulating supply.



  • What are the top 5 Metaverse crypto coins with the best circulating supply?



There are too many types of Metaverse coins that vary in shapes and sizes. each of these Metaverse coins has its own supplier, market caps, unit prices, Etc.

A long-term investment is a good choice for the majority of investors who are searching for coins with a low supply. Here in this article, we are going to the top 5 crypto coins of Metaverse that have a continuous supply under a hundred million and upward ordered by market capes.


There are top 5 Metaverse coins with the best-circulating supply according to market cap from the highest to the lowest to can take the right decision in coins of Metaverse investing.

  • Axie Infinity (AXS)
  • Illuvium (ILV)
  • My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)
  • Yield Guild Games (YGG).

Continue reading to know all details about each one. This is besides the circulating supply and the market cap for each one.


  • Axie Infinity (AXS):

First of all, Axie Infinity AXS is the highest Metaverse coin in market cap which is estimated at about $6B and with circulating supply at about 60.9 m.

It was launched in March 2018. .it’s an online game with a single player on windows, android, macOS, and ios platforms.

It’s a commonly known block-chain based game. Also, it’s so-known as a blockchain that has been built especially for the game, called ronin (sidechain of Ethereum).

AXS is considered a wild beast with great traits to upgrade and trade. AXS’s players are allowed to use their Axis to fight against others in the arena and win rewards.

After 18 months of launching, the developed company declared the average player spent around $ 400. The game uses the “pay 2 earn” model and allows axis exchange every 14 days (that kind of model has been considered as a kind of gambling), in 2021 the CBNC has reported that some people in poor countries are playing this game as their main income. Axs trades at $ 93.71 by 24 h of volume $ 216 million.

While its market cap is huge that equals $ 5.7 billion and a circulating supply of $ 60.9 million tokens. where can you purchase Axis? From Binance, coinbase, FTX, Kucoin, Bitfinex, Gemini, kraken, and other sites.

  • Illuvium (ILV):

Illuvium was launched in March 2012. It’s the lowest circulating supply among the 5 games. It’s an open-world RPG adventure game that is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The game has a deity Illuvium in its name. This creature has been to be discovered and collected. With 100 popular Illuvium in the game with its special attributes and classes. The developer company is expected to launch the beta version in the first quarter of this current year. When players can test the experience of the illuvium by themselves. The game of illuvium is traded at $ 1033, with a 24 h trading volume of $30 million, with the market. Cap of $664 million and circulating supply of $642. 8 k.

The game can be purchased on Binance, Kucoin,, Poloniex, Sushiswap, OKEx, and other major exchanges.


This game was launched in April 2021(last year) it’s built on the Binance smart chain as a part of the Games platform. The game is a community-driven game.

The game has a lot of blockchain games. The game has traits of the MOMOverse.

MOMOverse has lots of features like NFT marketplace, block brawler, stake Mbox systemsNFTs farm, and a Moversity.

MOMOverse upgraded features will include DAO or governance system, chain arena ( it’s the first kind ever of a cross-platform idle RPG game, MO land, a land waiting to be discovered.

MOBOX is the third relevant dAPP on Binance smart chain after Bomb crypto and PancakeSwap.

MOBOX is traded at $ 5.12, 24h volume of $64 million. The market cap is $408 with a 79 million MOBOX circulating supply.

Purchasing is being made by Binance, Poloniex, pancakes wap, l bank, and another marketplace.

  • My Neighbor Alice (ALICE):

This game is one of the important Metaverse coins that It’s supposed to be launched this year. The game is a farm with builders and it’s built on the Chromia blockchain, virtual islands can be bought, upgraded, and monetized in the game.

This game is an ERC-20 Ethereum token native that empowers the neighbor, Alice’s ecosystem.

ALICE is supposed to be launched this spring, it’s the most promoted Metaverse coins and project.

Alice trades by $12.59, 24h volume of $126 million. Its market cap is $385 million and a circulating supply of 30. 6 million tokens.

Purchasing is being made by Binance, Kucoin, FTX, Uniswap,, and other marketplaces.

  • Yield Guild Games (YGG):

Yield Guild Games (YGG) was launched at the end of 2020 and it is estimated at about 69.1M as circulating supply and $365M as market cap. Yield Guild Games (YGG) is one of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) platforms for all crypto economies. There is a very important feature for Yield Guild Games which is that it brings all the players together via new NFT technology besides play-to-earn games. All players in this game are bringing together for making real money from paying the play to earn and NFT blockchain-based blockchain-based games.


Now You are ready to take the right decision according to the above information about the top Metaverse coins.


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